Business telephone system of Beijing Metro Line 6

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Tadilan: factory acceptance of business system of Beijing Metro Line 6 West Extension Project from January 11 to 14, 2018, the factory acceptance of business system of Beijing Metro Line 6 West extension project was successfully completed in tadilan, Kunming. The expert representative team composed of the owner, the design unit, the operation unit, the supervision unit, the integrator, the construction unit and other units developed scientific acceptance standards according to the project requirements, and developed perfect acceptance test standards in combination with tadilan's quality certification and other related systems, and strictly verified and tested various functions and index parameters of the public service system

project background

Beijing Metro Line 6 is a major traffic artery running through the central area of the city and arranged in the east-west direction. After the whole line is completed, it will become the longest horizontal Metro Line in the layout of Beijing Metro, which will affect the change torque of the sample. The construction of line 6 is divided into three phases: the first phase is from Haidian 5th Road station to Caofang station, and the second phase is from Caofang station to Lucheng station. The West Extension Project of line 6 is an extension of the first and second phases. After running through, it can effectively improve the traffic conditions in Shougang and apple garden areas and relieve the traffic pressure of Metro Line 1. Line 6 and its west extension project can effectively drive the development of key functional areas such as xinshougang, financial street and CBD, provide convenient traffic support for the construction of Tongzhou urban sub center, and give consideration to the functions of traffic relief and development guidance. It is an important part of the urban traffic network

based on the principle of stable and reliable operation, fully meeting the functional requirements of the project and adapting to the West extension of Beijing Metro Line 6, many people do not understand why the change experiment should be done? First, the need for the development of special communication services for rail transit is discussed from the experimental principle, as well as the overall construction goal of building a stable and reliable, simple and fast operation, and convenient management and maintenance. In order to ensure the horizontal supply of instruments, tadilan Telecom is selected for the official business of the project. The system has the current international advanced level and has been widely used in China. It has the characteristics of stability, reliability, perfect functions, open platform and excellent performance; It can adapt to the comprehensive and intelligent development trend of modern communication network, and can realize the integrated VoIP broadband group function; It is suitable for glass fiber fabric reinforced thermoplastic and thermosetting plates to be superimposed into an integrated micro cellular mobile communication system; The modular structure is adopted, which has the capacity of linear capacity expansion, and the system functions and businesses can be superimposed and expanded in real time, which can not only meet the business needs of the business system of Beijing Metro Line 6, but also meet the expectations of the owner to continuously add new functions, new businesses and capacity expansion in use

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