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Business reengineering of Chinese foreign trade enterprises based on supply chain the latest news from Shanghai Customs on September 29, 2003 said that 144 Chinese and foreign enterprises in Shanghai Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone were the first batch to obtain import and export management rights. In addition, more than 100 enterprises in Qingdao have recently obtained the right to free import and export trade. This not only means that China's foreign trade system reform has entered a stage of rapid development, but also indicates that the development of China's original foreign trade enterprises is facing a life and death battle of opportunity and risk

I. reality and situation - the status of the supply chain is integrated, and foreign trade enterprises have some advantages and even more disadvantages.

according to the commitment of the Chinese government, by 2004, the import and export management rights will be fully liberalized, and the registration and filing system will be implemented. The number of business entities will further increase. Not only will more existing foreign-invested enterprises enjoy comprehensive import and export management rights, but also a large number of them have funds, talents, brands, R & D capabilities, marketing networks Multinational companies with modern business philosophy and marketing means will also accelerate the establishment of procurement centers in China. At the same time, as a new growth point of foreign trade, private enterprises will increasingly enjoy the right to operate import and export. At present, 4360 private enterprises in Guangdong Province have obtained the right to operate import and export, accounting for about 70% of the number of private enterprises in the province. In addition, since january1,2004, the state has reduced the export tax rebate rate for some products, putting an end to the practice that some foreign trade companies rely on export tax rebate to obtain profits. Many banks have included pure foreign trade companies in the scope of restricted development, making it more and more difficult for foreign trade companies to obtain bank loans

to sum up, with the deepening of the reform of China's economic system and foreign trade system, China's foreign trade business model has gradually realized the integration of the supply chain (as shown in Figure 1), rather than the original dual state of independent manufacturing and export portals (as shown in Figure 2)

740)this. Width=740 "align=middle bor therefore has superior water retention. Figure 1: supply chain integration of foreign trade system, In addition, suppliers will not give comprehensive cooperation in supply as before. The foreign trade industry has changed from a monopoly industry to a general competitive industry in China. On the other hand, the state-owned foreign trade companies have not established more profit points in their business model because they have been in a monopoly position for a long time. Today, with the integration of foreign trade business status, they are unable to enter other people's fields to compete, except for continuing to fight against new entrants in their own original foreign trade market. Even in the fields of production, R & D and design, brand management and domestic market, due to the weakness of the original management foundation, we still have to compete with the original manufacturing enterprises to see who can establish comprehensive competitiveness faster

with the integration of domestic and foreign market patterns and the integration of manufacturing and foreign trade market supply chain, China's original foreign trade enterprises and non foreign trade enterprises will compete on the same stage and in the same position, just to see who can effectively make use of the current advantages, quickly fill the deficiencies, and establish comprehensive competitiveness under a certain business model positioning

compared with non foreign trade manufacturing enterprises, the current state-owned foreign trade companies have their own advantages and disadvantages, which are mainly reflected in the following aspects:


1. They have rich understanding and operation ability of the foreign trade market (it is the foreign trade market rather than the foreign market)

2. Generally, they have sufficient funds to press the microswitch in parallel

3. A large number of foreign language talents have been trained


1. The weakness of management ability, especially the extreme lack of production management ability and terminal market management ability, is the main obstacle for foreign trade enterprises to get rid of difficulties and realize new business model. Don't get confused

2. Lack of ability to control complex business models. Because the original foreign trade business model is relatively single, it only involves one link of the supply chain of the foreign trade market, and lacks experience accumulation in how to manage the harmony of effective systems among design, R & D, production and the market

3. The human resource management ability is weak. Generally, the scale of foreign trade enterprises is not very large. Hundreds of people have said that it is considerable. In addition, due to the single business, the talent structure is also relatively single, and there is no need for too complex systems in dealing with the relationship between various talents, which is the strength of the original manufacturing enterprises

4. The ability to control and respond to the end market is weak. Because the nature of foreign trade is more about dealing with dealers and selling goods, it does not involve how to make end consumers accept, so the so-called end channel and brand issues are less involved

3. Improper adjustment of lifting guide wheels

5. The ability to control complex organizational systems is weak, and the single business will inevitably lead to the single organization. The largest and most important department of all foreign trade enterprises is the business department. For example, how to manage organizations with such departments as the strategic development department, the planning Department, the planning department, the reform promotion department, and the economic management research office, foreign trade enterprises generally have to learn for a period of time

II. Outlet and Countermeasures - reorganize the business structure and establish a new profit growth model

how should the original foreign trade enterprises respond and develop in the face of the current foreign trade system reform and market development. Many experts and scholars have put forward their own ideas and suggestions on this issue. From the perspective of the state and the government, some scholars believe that the premise of doing well in state-owned foreign trade enterprises is to reform the property right system, and its purpose is to stimulate the enthusiasm of enterprise managers. Some experts gave suggestions on the form of the way out, such as the following aspects:

1. Taking trade as the leader, purchasing industrial and agricultural enterprises to realize the integration of trade, industry and agriculture

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