By 2020, the output value of Midea KUKA Intelligen

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By 2020, the output value of Midea KUKA Intelligent Manufacturing Science Park is expected to reach 650million yuan

CNR Foshan, September 3 news (wangxuewei interns Xiayan) on September, the fifth investment and Trade Fair for advanced equipment manufacturing industry on the West Bank of the Pearl River (hereinafter referred to as "Zhuhai fair") will be held in Foshan. On the 2nd, the central media in Guangdong and the provincial and municipal media interview group went to Foshan and Zhongshan to explore the advanced equipment manufacturing enterprises in the two cities

as the first station of Tanying and the leader in the advanced equipment manufacturing industrial belt on the West Bank of the Pearl River, as of August 30, Foshan has collected 97 exhibits from 52 enterprises, and plans to set up theme exhibition areas such as machine tools and major technical equipment, intelligent manufacturing and robots, new energy (hydrogen energy) and automobiles

visited two enterprises with different characteristics in Foshan, and the price is dominant. Among them, KUKA robot (Guangdong) Co., Ltd. was funded by Midea and KUKA and built an intelligent manufacturing technology park in Shunde. At present, although the control mode of the science park is relatively simple, the project construction of B1 plant and other facilities of about 50000 square meters has been completed, with a cumulative investment of about 500million yuan

production workshop of KUKA robot (Guangdong) Co., Ltd. (photographed by zhanghongchen, the correspondent of CGF)

it is reported that as of August 1, the science park has sold 300 robots, with an output value of 30million; The annual output value is expected to be 240million yuan in 2019 and 650million yuan in 2020; At present, the park has more than 4000 square meters of robot body R & D Center (including laboratory), 4 six axis robot production lines, 1 AGV robot production line and 1 logistics automation product production line. The production line is in the trial production stage

KUKA robot (Guangdong) Co., Ltd. plans to complete the construction of the science and Technology Park in three years. The robot output will reach 75000 sets, 500 sets of high-end logistics equipment, and the sales scale of general industrial factory automation integration business is about 500million yuan; Some robot models and logistics equipment are introduced into domestic production for the first time, filling the domestic technical gap

the Intelligent High-power cutting head of Foshan Hongshi Laser Technology Co., Ltd. (photographed by Xia Yan, an intern of China Central Broadcasting Corporation)

as an important production base of laser cutting equipment in China, Foshan Hongshi Laser Technology Co., Ltd. integrates the production, research and development, sales of intelligent laser cutting equipment and improvement of comfort, providing key technical support and personalized system integration solutions for Industry 4.0 and future factories. At present, its laser intelligent equipment has been operated in more than 100 countries and regions around the world

Zhongshan City is the second stop of this camping trip. At this Zhuhai fair, it will launch five major sectors, "robot", "5g communication and Optoelectronics", "new energy equipment", "high-end medical equipment" and "intelligent equipment", and invite 25 enterprises to participate in 56 products

visited two enterprises in Shangshan city where the range of single unit reaches more than 50000 tons/year. Zhongke Fuhai (Zhongshan) cryogenic equipment manufacturing Co., Ltd. plans to build a large-scale cryogenic equipment manufacturing base covering liquid hydrogen, liquid helium and superfluid helium temperature zone to realize the production of hydrogen, neon, helium and other gas separation, liquefaction, storage and transportation equipment

the hydrogen liquefaction device of Zhongke Fuhai (Zhongshan) cryogenic equipment manufacturing Co., Ltd. (photographed by Xia Yan, an intern of central Guangzhou)

Guangdong Mingfeng Medical Technology Co., Ltd., located in Zhongshan City, is mainly engaged in the R & D, production and sales of CT, pet/ct, Mr, pet/mr, us and Dr. it has developed 16 layer spiral CT and pet/ct with independent intellectual property rights, taking the lead in successfully applying high-performance SIPM technology to PET detectors, The product performance and image quality have reached the world-class level, filling a number of domestic technical gaps

a series of products to be exhibited by Zhongshan Mingfeng medical instruments Co., Ltd. at the Zhuhai fair. (photographed by Xia Yan, intern of CNR)


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