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Buying advanced textile materials for chain hoist

people are familiar with calculating the cross-sectional area by taking the average diameter of the smallest one of the three places in the chain hoist machinery industry. It is a convenient and simple lifting tool. It is used for short interval lifting of small equipment and goods, and the lifting capacity generally does not exceed 100t. Simply put, chain block is a labor-saving tool

this product is the second product of the company since it was launched in 2015. The chain block is pulled into the manual chain and the hand chain. The fixture should not cause the broken wheel of the sample to rotate at the fixture. Press the friction plate ratchet and brake seat into one and rotate together. The tooth long shaft will rotate the plate gear, tooth short shaft and spline hole gear. In this way, the lifting chain wheel installed on the spline hole gear will drive the lifting chain, so as to lift the weight smoothly

what should you pay attention to when purchasing chain block to make the chain block you buy easy to use and durable

1. Choose the chain block with appropriate size according to your own needs, and select the specification. Specifications can be big but not small. That is to say, specifications larger than your requirements are OK. If they are small, they will not work. As this thing is the same as the cars on the road, it cannot be overloaded

2. Check whether there are cracks on the cover of the machine head. During operation, the shell of chain block is easy to break due to collision and falling to the ground

3. Check whether the chain is intact and the length is correct. In addition, the hand zipper shall be pulled several times during purchase to check whether the chain can slip

4. Depending on the material, the chain is more durable with Grade 80, and the hook is preferably made of manganese steel

5. Check the package and certificate of the chain block. The products of Hugong have anti-counterfeiting marks. After the above anti-counterfeiting code, you can print the service to check the authenticity to prevent counterfeiting

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