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How about the decoration loan of CCB? Decoration loan is all personal loan products with decoration financing service function of China Construction Bank, including personal housing mortgage line loan, personal consumption line loan, etc.

loan information

1 Loan object: it is applicable to Chinese citizens who have decoration financing needs, are over 18 years old and no more than 60 years old, and have full civil capacity

2. Loan purpose: decoration purpose

3. Guarantee mode: mortgage, guarantee, pledge and credit

4. Loan amount: the loan amount of a single household shall not exceed 1million yuan; Among them, China Construction Bank will directly grant a consumer credit loan of up to 300000 yuan (including) and no more than 30% of the house value (subject to the collateral value confirmed when handling the housing loan) to the housing loan customers who apply for the loan for the decoration of the housing purchased by their housing loan, the normal repayment of the housing loan for more than 2 years (including) and have no default records and other default conditions

5. Loan term: no more than five years

6. Expected annualized interest rate of loan: it shall be implemented in accordance with the provisions of China Construction Bank on expected annualized interest rate of loan

handling process

1 Customer application. Customers apply to the bank, fill in the application form in writing, and submit relevant materials at the same time

2. Sign the contract. After the bank investigates and approves the application materials submitted by the borrower, both parties sign the loan contract and guarantee contract, and handle relevant notarization and mortgage registration procedures as appropriate

3. Make loans. After the bank approves and completes all procedures, the bank will issue loans according to the contract

4. Repayment on schedule. The borrower shall repay the principal and interest of the loan according to the repayment plan and repayment method agreed in the loan contract

5. Loan settlement. Loan settlement includes normal settlement and early settlement

(1) normal settlement: settle the loan on the maturity date of the loan (one-time repayment of principal and interest) or the last period of the loan (installment repayment)

(2) early settlement: before the maturity date of the loan, if the borrower settles part or all of the loan in advance, it must apply to the bank in advance according to the loan contract, and then go to the designated accounting counter for repayment after the approval of the bank

after the loan is settled, the borrower shall take back the legal certificate and relevant supporting documents held by the bank with his valid ID card and the loan settlement certificate issued by the bank, and go through the mortgage registration cancellation procedures with the loan settlement certificate at the original mortgage registration department. Relevant loan applications go to >& gt;& gt;





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