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After more than 30 years of reform and opening up, China has not only made a great leap in economy, but also made unprecedented achievements in technology in the process of deepening globalization. Communication technology is changing with each passing day. Internet of things, cloud computing, big data, virtual reality and other technologies have penetrated into all walks of life. These scientific and technological achievements have not only brought technological changes, changed the ecological environment of various industries, and promoted the innovation of new business models. Take the furniture industry as an example. In the past two decades, it has been the traditional production mode of finished products, with similar styles and less choices. With the upgrading of consumption structure, people's personalized needs are expanding day by day, so that the whole house customization is doomed to be extraordinary from the date of its birth. The strong application of Internet technology in China has helped the whole house customization gain strong vitality

in the process of the whole house customization wave sweeping the furniture industry, many well-known home furnishing brands are trying to integrate information technology with the whole house customization manufacturing industry. Among them, the technological innovation of such an enterprise is hard to ignore. Deville whole house customization, a well-known enterprise that has won the top ten furniture brands for many times, has been tireless in the pursuit of scientific development. Among them, Deville has achieved the following two most remarkable achievements in the past two years

advanced production technology escorts the expansion of the market

with the continuous popularity of the whole house customization market, many enterprises are actively seizing the market to obtain a larger market share. De Ville clearly knows that strong productivity is the sufficient ammunition to attack the market. To this end, Deville comprehensively upgraded the production system, adopted full information-based flexible production, introduced winconade * equipment, and combined with ERP process management system to achieve full information-based production control, which is far better than the industry average. Advanced production capacity, shorter delivery time and faster return on investment! The German winconair blister production line provides perfect effect and quality assurance for the three series of dewell products: plate type, European style and Chinese style, so that dewell can be more comfortable on the road of market expansion

ar+vr virtual reality, cool experience * service

the essential service of whole house customization is to provide a complete set of solutions. However, subject to the limitations of traditional store space, many consumers can't really feel the effect of new furniture after buying a family. Many consumers run around in multiple brand stores in order to buy a suitable set of furniture, wasting a lot of time, and they can't get satisfactory results because of the different styles of various brands. However, de Ville ar+vr virtual technology only needs to pick up the mobile device in your hand and scan the house type map to truly reproduce the overall effect of customized furniture in the whole house. Consumers can see the overall effect of their home after replacing new furniture, super real scene experience, and * sensory services in one step without having to wander around multiple stores

with the arrival of the wave of intelligent technology, how can the 2017 China Construction Expo be absent. As a stage for the gathering of stars in the furniture industry, it has the most comprehensive industry information, the coolest trend technology, and the most dazzling new fashion products... The 2017 Construction Expo is not only a stage for displaying furniture, but also a feast of science and technology. In this exhibition, Deville will show its impressive scientific and technological innovation achievements and lead you to feel the power of the deep integration of technology and furniture

exhibition date: July 8-11, 2017

exhibition venue: Pazhou Exhibition Hall of China Import and Export Commodities Fair - No. 380, Yuejiang Middle Road, Guangzhou

Deville exhibition venue: No. 10, hall 10.2, District B




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