Purchasing strategy of aluminum alloy doors and wi

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Purchase strategy of aluminum alloy doors and windows

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aluminum alloy doors and windows are the trend of the times. I want to keep up with the progress of the times, but I don't know where to start? In the previous article, the selection strategy of aluminum alloy doors and windows (I) introduced the selection skills of aluminum alloy doors. Now that there are aluminum alloy doors, aluminum alloy windows cannot be omitted. Aluminum alloy windows also have selection methods

five steps to choose aluminum alloy windows:

Step 1: look at the material

the wall thickness of aluminum profile used for high-quality aluminum alloy windows should be no less than 1.2mm, titanium magnesium aluminum alloy is better, and the thickness of oxide film should reach 10 microns

step 2: look at the processing

high-quality aluminum alloy windows, with fine processing, smooth tangent and consistent angle (the main frame material is usually 45 degrees or 90 degrees)

step 3: look at the appearance

the surface of the aluminum alloy window should not have obvious scratches, scratches, bumps, glass aluminum chips, burrs, oil spots or other stains, and the assembly joints should not have defects such as overflowing adhesives

step 4: look at the performance

how about the performance? Strength is reflected in whether the material selection of aluminum alloy window profiles can withstand ultra-high pressure; Air tightness is mainly reflected in the window structure, whether the inner leaf and outer frame structure of the window are tight, etc; Water tightness, mainly to check whether there is water accumulation and leakage in aluminum alloy windows; Sound insulation, which mainly depends on the sound insulation effect of insulating glass and the durability of other window accessories such as other special sound insulation airtight strip structures, opening and closing force, opening and locking durability, etc

Step 5: compare the price

the price of high-quality aluminum alloy is 30% higher than that of low-quality aluminum alloy window products

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