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Yimeide door and window manufacturers are starting to make great achievements, and strive to run towards their dreams in 2019

on the 18th day of the first month of the year of 1911, a auspicious and prosperous day, yimeide door and window company ushered in the first commencement day of the Spring Festival! All colleagues of yimeide door and window factory arrived at the company oneortwo days in advance and gathered neatly on the square in the early morning of the day of commencement, full of joy and good hopes for the future. Everyone received the red envelope for construction, with a bright smile on their faces and a sweet heart, and wished the company in unison

good luck

Mr. Xiong Linfeng, general manager of yimeide, led all his colleagues to pray for incense, wishing yimeide a prosperous business and great future in the New Year! With the deafening sound of firecrackers, yimeide officially kicked off the struggle for the year of the pig

in the past year, despite the unprecedented fierce competition in the industry, yimeide, a manufacturer of high-end aluminum alloy doors and windows, has achieved excellent results under the leadership of President Xiong and the joint efforts of all colleagues. In 2018, we were excited about the opening of franchised stores in many places in China, surprised by the cancellation of overseas markets and the export of many countries, cheered the introduction of new smart doors and windows to the market, and made a sensation that our performance reached a new high

2019 yimeide carries forward the past and forge ahead. As the saying goes, "one person can go fast, but a group of talents can go further". Yimeide team is well aware of this truth. In the journey of promoting the cause of aluminum alloy doors and windows, we all move forward towards the same goal, strive for perfection in continuous innovation and research, and work intensively in the deep marketing of the national market, In the aluminum alloy door and window industry, we have made breakthroughs one after another

2019 we are all dreamers,

strive to run towards the great dream

the year of the pig is bound to flourish,

Iraq virtue is bound to win

Foshan yimeide door and window company was founded in 2008. It is a manufacturer of high-end aluminum alloy doors and windows. Its products include high-end heavy sliding doors, aluminum doors, European villa sunshine rooms, folding doors, broken bridge aluminum alloy doors and windows, broken bridge window screen integrated windows, Pt doors, etc. Yimeide door and window factory has signed grassland singer Ulan Tuya as the brand spokesperson. Yimeide has participated in the Shanghai and Guangzhou Construction Expo for many years, and has invested a lot of money to strongly display and broadcast advertisements on major high-speed rail sites across the country. At present, yimeide door and window engineering cases are all over the country, with yimeide brand stores in more than 30 provinces and nearly 100 cities across the country. Company address: Shuibian Industrial Park, Taiping Town, Dali, Nanhai, Foshan. Aluminum alloy doors and windows franchise hotline: 0757-81821258; website http://www.ymddoor.cn





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