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(high quality home decoration - Cartier doors and windows) any commodity will have more or less problems in the process of consumption and use. The aging of parts and components and inadvertent damage in use will bring inconvenience to users. Aluminum alloy doors and windows industry products with climate change, air humidity change, improper maintenance in the process of use, etc., are very easy to cause aluminum alloy doors and windows industry products to produce phenomena such as rust, discoloration and so on, How to deal with the maintenance demands of consumers and timely solve the worries of consumers after purchasing products will measure the responsibility of an enterprise to the market and consumers

aluminum alloy door and window enterprises need to establish an after-sales service department

an important point of after-sales service is to establish a rapid response mechanism for the interaction and coordination of after-sales service departments, sales outlets and production plants. Once there is a customer's after-sales service complaint, the after-sales service personnel must rush to the customer's site within 24 hours to inquire about the cause of the problem, evaluate the degree of maintenance, and negotiate with consumers to determine a solution, If it can be repaired on site, immediately send maintenance personnel to deal with it on site. If it can't be handled on site, immediately contact the factory for repair without delay or prevarication, so that consumers feel that we can understand the small defects of the product, and we are most afraid that no one will pay attention to them after the problems occur. With such service, we can rest assured

good after-sales service can make the brand of aluminum alloy doors and windows spread by word of mouth among the majority of consumers, and the brand benefits are increasingly prominent. Among the customer groups of many aluminum alloy doors and windows enterprises, brothers and sisters recommend each other to come to order, friends introduce each other and buyers have it. They bought the products of the enterprise a few years ago, but today they buy again after changing their houses

therefore, when the aluminum alloy door and window enterprises can do a good job in after-sales service, they will naturally win the trust of consumers, so as to reassure consumers, and customers will naturally come in an endless stream

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